The focus of our TL4.6 release has been on the first phase of the NEW Incentive/Groups Lite Quotations functionality and on improving Quotation functionality in general. Having worked on the Incentives/Groups Lite version for the past few months, we have just scratched the surface of the changes that will be made to further support Incentives and Groups travel in our Lite version and, with that in mind, we have decided to release the Incentives/Groups Lite in Beta version to all our clients in this update. We are excited to get your feedback while we are still in the early stages to ensure that the future versions include enhancements that will deliver you more value.

This release also includes a few quality-of-life improvements, changes to existing features and many bug fixes.

Below are the detailed release notes of all the changes included in the TL4.6.1.0 update (please note from here on out, the new quotation functionality will be referred to as ‘IGL Quotes’, while the other existing one will be ‘Standard Quotes’)

You may want to grab a cup of something delicious ☕ to keep you going as this is quite a whopper of a release note:
[release notes updated 21 June 2019]


  • NEW Incentives/Groups Lite (IGL) Quotations
    The aim of this functionality to alleviate strains on the system processing due to the way that Standard Quotes work

    • The core differences between IGL Quotes and Standard Quotes is the Passengers, Allocations and Rate Rule usage. The simplification of these functions has increased the systems ability to handle complex groups quotes quickly (for example 300 pax for 20 days with 20 service lines per day)
    • We’ve also introduced some new features in the IGL Quotes that will be included in Standard Quotes in future releases, most notable is the introduction of right-click menus
    • Overall, this new functionality is still in its early beta stages and items like generally reporting have not yet been completed. Reports that currently do not work with IGL Quotes have been disabled.
  • NEW Copying Services
    • Allows user to copy services within a quotation by giving options to copy service on the same day or other days. Users can now also select multiple services at a time to copy. If the original service span multiple days, the user can either copy service with this duration, or just for 1 day.
  • NEW Quote-In-Use Lock
    • Historically, multiple users could access one quote at the same time and this leads to users saving work over each other or other issues. We have introduced a Locked State by restricting access to a quotation to only 1 person at a time.
    • We removed certain buttons related to Accounting and you need to access the accounts through each quote. All accounting documents relevant to a quotation now also form part of this lock out state.
    • When a user is already in a quotation, any secondary users will be notified that said quotation is currently locked, and by whom.
      We would like to encourage users to save and close their quotations so as not to hinder anyone else who would need to work on it. We will be introducing advances to this functionality in future releases.


  • Moving Services
    • Move Services has been renamed to Change Service Day
      • The options have been simplified to:
        All Services Up
        All Services Down
        Selected Services Up
        Selected Services Down
    • You can no longer move services to before the Travel Start date
    • Mandatory-linked services now move together
  • Find Services
    • Find Services screen no longer blocks Quotation and can simply be minimised
    • Added quick-add functionality. Double-click searched service now immediately adds it to the quotation
  • Edit Services
    • Service and Allocation tabs restricted to use within Services screen only and Reservation tabs restricted for use within the Reservations screen only
    • Services → Detail: the to-be-replaced service selector is only enabled once the ‘Replacement’ option type is set
    • Services → Supplier selection is now properly locked when the quotation is state-locked.


  • New Request Wizard (process followed when creating a Request)
    • Client Selection screen:
      • Improved the edit of clients where we’ve added a right-click menu to edit
      • Double-click now automatically selects that client and advances the wizard
    • Request Details screen
      • Date select is now blank by default and mandatory to force the user to provide a valid Travel Start Date. This caused issues in the past as it would select the quote creation date by default and users did not always change this causing a discrepancy between the Travel Start Date and the first date of the quote.
      • Request name is now a mandatory field
    • Quotations → Reservations
      • References can be entered in-line on the services
      • Services that are in a state of ‘Not Booked’ no longer allow entry for a reference number. Services must be updated to the ‘Provisional/Requested’ or ‘Booked’ status for the reference number field to be accessed.
    • Quotation services that are made optional, now have its name automatically prefixed with “Optional:” and are light grey to easily distinguish from other services.
    • Settings → General: Home Currency renamed to Default Currency
    • State-locked quotations now lock Travel Start Date controls as well as the Passenger controls.
    • Added View Request on Quick-Access Bar
    • Improve passenger name formatting for better, alphabetical ordering
    • Improved order that default passenger names are displayed on Show Pricing screen
    • When adding an Accommodation service, it now only shows the relevant Meals Basis if there are rates loaded for that type
    • Passwords that exist within Settings that previously appeared as plain-text, is now properly masked.
    • Standard Passengers Screen – Removed the New button which was a cause for multiple errors. Creating passengers is meant to be used only via the Auto button. Removed the Import button as well for now until such time when it can be properly re-implemented.
    • Fixed splash screen to display full version and current year


  • Customer Invoice/Proforma
    • Meal Basis descriptions now correctly from Service description first, instead of system-set general description
    • Fixed issues with incorrect Tax breakdowns
    • Fixed issue with Amount Due not showing correctly where Commission values were implemented
  • Revenue Report
    • Fixed issue where Total COS appeared blank in instances where Supplier Invoices are not used
    • Revisions made to improve accuracy between multiple currency usage
  • Cash Services Summary
    • Fixed currency conversion issue
  • Profitability Report
    • Fixed ‘Totals Split by Supplier’ option being processed even when not ticked
  • Bookings Per Supplier/Services Report
    • Added Consultants to show on the report
    • Added Client filter
  • Supplier Invoice/Purchase Orders
    • Fixed issue caused by services that have been, invoiced, debited then invoiced again.
  • Debtors Report
    • Fixed issue where incorrect client contact was displaying
    • Revised report query to reduce load times
  • Booking Sheet
    • Added option to force Hidden Services to show or remain hidden.


  • Accounting
    • Fixed account code affix that would cut-off above 099
    • Fixed lockout-bug with Sage One integrations. Fix increases time for document processing, as Sage One only allows a limited amount of actions per minute before it locks the integration out for ~1 hour, rendering it unusable for that time
  • Supplier Integrations (3rd Party)
    • Fixed Rate selection popups occurring on all Quotation Services even when only one integrated service is present
  • On New Requests screen – Source selection is now alphabetical
  • Fixed error when copying a quote that has service that is both a mandatory/child service and replacement service of another service
  • Fix issue on Quotations → Services, clearing values with backspace would sometimes cause errors
  • Fixed issue with Date formatting on Quotations → Services. Depending on your system settings, and what the default format was set as in Travelogic, the system setting would override
  • Fix Splash screen and About Us screen date mismatch
  • Fixed error on modifying Passenger names
  • Fixed missing data on Reservation emails
  • Fixed issue where Quotation → Vouchers → Auto-Generate produced duplicate vouchers
  • Fixed issue with the order in which Vouchers were generated
  • Fixed issue with Pax refresh where a service with rate rules but no rates exist.
  • Fixed error when inserting a Package that contains optional services into a quotation
  • Fixed error when shifting Single passengers on the (Standard) Quotations → Edit Quotation Group → Passengers screen
  • Fixed bug caused by the ‘Pilot’ option that was removed; it was not removed from all places and caused errors
  • Fixed issues that occur when trying to exit Travelogic from the Exception screen
  • Fixed bug that caused a delay when clicking Cancel on Quotations → Edit Service
  • Fixed crash error Windows Scaling, causing Travelogic to crash when set above 100%

We are confident that all of these improvements and changes included in this update will further the usability of the system and reduce the number of issues and errors experienced by our users.