Following on our last post where we focussed on our veteran team member Paul Melia, it’s time to introduce you to our Project Leader and Developer.

Current Project Lead and Developer on our current Travelogic 4 system, Zain Mollagee has been with the team for 3 years, and overall 12 years in the travel tech industry. He enjoys gaming, Anime, SciFi and Fantasy. Has a fondness for long walks, short walks, sidewalks, Seawawks, Warhawks, WarCraft, StartCraft, MineCraft, MineSweeper, StreetSweeper and generally making things up that have no relevance at all and would lead people into reading long sentences.

Chris is our newest member to join the support team and has 6 years experience in the service industry, 8 years in the support industry and 3 years in the tech and travel industry.
An avid online gamer, he’s favourite games so far are Overwatch or World Of Warcraft.
Fitness and health junkie and mastering the art of braai’ing.

While it is important to plan ahead, it is also important that we look back and highlight those individuals who saw the potential in Travelogic and have worked many years to get it where it is today. The focus is always on how we can improve the product and service we are providing to our clients. We feel that giving all our users insight into the processes and people that are turning the cogs of this machine will paint a clearer picture of the vision we have for the future of Travelogic.