General Changes
Dashboard and UI changes:
– Suppliers: “Deactivated Suppliers” wording reverted back to “Inactive Suppliers”
– Quotation and Requests:
o Updated the ‘User’ and ‘State’ selections to enable multiple selections. You can now view all requests and quotations for more than one state or more than one user
o Updated search bar for Quotations and Request only, now searches all the columns (Client name, Quote name etc) and highlights the search where they appear
– Fixed shifting up and down jumping and skipping issues in the following parts of the system:
o Settings →
 Custom Fields
 Locations
 States
 Clients Commission
 Profit
o Suppliers →
 Information (descriptions, images)
 Services
 Rate Sheets
– Fixed bug when trying to update your Company logo
– Removed ‘Postal Address’ from all areas (Clients, Contacts, Suppliers and Pastel Code Creation). Physical and Billing Addresses remain.
– Removed the “Messaging” section from Settings window.
– Pastel Account Codes can now be created from the Client and Supplier sections and a separate ‘Create Account Code’ button has been added to replace the cancel-to-create routine

User and Login Changes:
– User logins can now only be used by one person at a time. Previously, as single user credential could be used/shared multiple times at the same time (limited by licenses, of course). Often, these multiple logins would access the same quote, thereby causing concurrency issues. The change encourages all users to have their own login
– Administrators can now force user sign outs from the Active Users window
– When creating or updating Usernames, they are now restricted to only include lowercase, UPPERCASE, numbers, periods (.), dashes (-) or underscores (_)
– Fixed a few errors relating to adding and deleting Server Connections
– Removed character limits in some areas that were causing errors and bugs according to what was reported

Changes to Requests and Quotations
– Fixed some issues causing loss of focus or “jumping” when trying to edit values
– Fixed a Validate Itinerary bug not validating missing cost and sell prices
– Fixed a ‘Per Unit’ service bug not properly maintaining value when passengers are removed from allocations
– Fixed a bug preventing Quotations from opening and giving an error
– Fixed a bug with Package services (more than 1-night duration Service) NOT properly keeping that nights when added from the Find Services screen
– Fixed a couple of NULL errors that were appearing on Quotation screen
– Fixed and issue on IGL quotes where mandatory services would not move with it’s linked service, when changing its date
Suppliers and Rates
– Fixed a bug where if there was a name conflict on a Supplier, it would still close and not save
– Fixed jumping issues on Rate Sheet when trying to change values or rules, especially on large sheets
– Fixed filtering on Rate Sheets causing service rates to collapse/close all the time when changing filters
– Fixed a error caused when trying to save a Rate Sheet that has only 1 single rate in it for a single service

– Fixed a bug causing ‘&’ to come out as ‘&’ after replication. All existing occurrences of ‘&’ should now properly display as ‘&’ again
– Fixed issue in some areas with Replication Suppliers, where locally entered info (labelled ‘Local’) could not be edited or deleted. We fixed so now you can.

Invoicing and Reporting
– When creating new invoices, you must now ensure that you have a Client or Supplier selected AND a currency selected before trying to add services.
– Fixed error when trying to select an Account Code before a Currency has been selected
– Credit and Debit notes can now only be created if you have a customer or supplier document existing and selected.
– Fixed a formatting issue on Customer invoice displaying 4 decimal points for payment terms
– Fixed some bugs on Bulk Supplier pertaining to incorrect selections or invoices already generated
– Fixed a service line duplication issue on invoice, caused by changing the service’s supplier after it was initially invoiced and then attempting to invoice the service again.