We are excited to ship TL4.6.0.6 to all our clients after spending some much needed time with many of you during the months of June and July. We experienced and were taken through a number of common issues and frustrations that were expressed and in light of this, the focus of this release was to make as many small changes as possible that had a big impact to a number of clients. In addition, as the first phase of  Incentive/Groups Lite Quotations functionality was released in the last update we wanted to keep the momentum going by adding functionality as well as amending existing functionality based off feedback received.


  • Updated Dashboard
    • The Dashboard has been overhauled to improve the navigation and usability
    • We removed “Dashboard – Today”
    • The emboldened visual indicator for IGL quotes has been removed.  This has been replaced by adding the “Request Type” column.
  • Messages
    • We moved the Messages pane that was down the right-panel of the Dashboard to behind a specific section called “Messages”. There are no notifications at this stage to indicate if a new message has been added
    • Removed the ‘Acknowledge’ options from already acknowledged messages


  • Lock State
    • Fixed a bug that allowed editing of a service on a quotation, even when the quote was locked
    • Fixed ‘Save & Close’ button to properly unlock quote
    • Added functionality to unlock a quote if the user that was working in the quote has logged out and their session has expired, the new user trying to access the quote will be able to unlock it automatically
      Note: The lock-state on quotations is something that will go through more changes going forward
  • Find Services
    • “Add Service with Defaults” is now unticked by default
    • Combined Supplier and Service search fields into a single field. You can now search both Supplier and Service in the same field
    • Adjusted Find Services screen size for smaller resolutions
    • Fixed the values displayed on the Find Services to include only Approved rates
    • “Set Default Passengers” button has been removed
    • Added validation on Quote States, to prevent Find Service being kept open while changing states
    • Fixed the pre-night range on Find Services allowing you to add services before the travel date up to 7 days prior. (range is from 0 to 6)
  • Insert Package
    • Added Select/Deselect buttons to Insert Package screen
  • Exchange Rates
    • Fixed incorrect “Missing Exchange Rate” alert on 1:1 exchange rates
  • GP on Copied Services
    • Fixed the issue that wouldn’t allow you to change the GP of the individual passengers allocated in the copied service
    • Fixed the issue where the GP would revert to what was loaded for the service even if the service GP was manually amended before copying
  • Keep Modified Rates
    • If the date of a service is changed and “Keep Modified Rates” is selected, even if the validity period of that service changes, the rate will no longer update
  • Allocations
    • Fixed the Sharing passenger auto-increment counter from 2 back to 1
    • Fixed issue when allocations could be ‘emptied of passengers’ without having to click okay/validating
  • Right-click options
    • Right-clicking on a service gives you the option to “Edit Service”, “Refresh Service”, “Copy Service” and “Delete Service”
    • A service can be set to “Optional” through a right-click menu
  • Date and Service Type
    • Fixed the issue where services lose their order when switching between Date and Service Type grouping on Quotation Screen
  • Time Zones
    • On daylight savings or different time zones, the retrieved dates on quotes etc are now the same as the stored date


  • Total Cost Column
    • Added a Total Cost column to screen (and this is replicated on the Export to Excel)
  • Add Services
    • Fixed issue where service capacity was not properly updated when added directly from Add Services
  • Export to Excel
    • Optional values no longer appear in the totals
    • Fixed the issue that was causing certain values to show in the incorrect columns
    • Fixed the issue that was causing errors if there are two services of the exact same name but the duration is different


  • Approving Rates
    • Un/Approving rates on Rate Sheet now automatically saves (either per line using the tick box, or multi-select and using Approve/Unapprove buttons)
  • Support for . and ,
    • Adding rates to a rate sheet when using a period (.) instead of a comma (,) and vice versa, the system automatically converts it


  • Logo
    • There is now a clearer indication of logo dimensions, format etc. for the Settings → Report Settings → Logo
  • Customer Invoice/Proforma
    • When creating a new Pro Forma and Customer invoice, the currency is now set to none. This now forces the user to actively and knowingly select the currency they are meant to quote or invoice in
    • Meal Basis descriptions formatting corrected
    • IGL – Fixed blank Quantities appearing
    • IGL – Fixed no meal basis information (Code, Name, Description) from showing on Customer Invoices
    • Fixed amount due on Customer Invoice being incorrect when Prices excl Tax are displayed
  • Quotation Profitability
    • Fixed issue where Total COS appeared blank in instances where Supplier Invoices are not used
    • Shows Debit Notes and includes more options to show Customer Invoices and Supplier Invoices
    • IGL – On the Quotation Profitability Report the values were not pulling through correctly when changing a service from a unit basis type to a per person basis type and vice versa.
  • Booking Confirmation
    • IGL compatible
  • Voucher
    • Fixed the issue that stopped the amended Guest or Traveller name not pulling through onto the Voucher
  • Booking Sheet
    • Fixed Booking Sheet not being able to run when there is Quotation Service not linked to any existing Supplier Service (‘Ad Hoc’ service)
    • Fixed error when trying to generate a Booking Sheet, Smartbox or  WETU itinerary for a Driver/Guide/TL, if they are allocated on their own in a service
  • Revenue Report
    • The total C.O.S in the Revenue Report was not converting the foreign currency correctly if no supplier invoiced was processed

We are confident that all of these improvements and changes included in this update will further the usability of the system and reduce the number of issues and errors experienced by our users.