As many of our clients may have noticed, change is brewing inside of Travelogic – change for the better. The need for providing an even better product and service has led us to search for the best people in the travel-tech space to add to our team.

Over the course of the next few months, we will be introducing you to some of the new team members as well as the faces behind the names you are already familiar with. To start this series off, we’d like to introduce you to our User Experience Designer, Jared Buckley and Fabian Salie, our new Quality Assurance Officer.

From the digital wild west, Jared Buckley dares to go where no man has gone before, engaging with clients to not only see how they use the system but understand our clients and their businesses on a more personal level. Armed with this insight, he is now using this expertise to tweak system flows and interfaces to make things more user-friendly. Having spent the past 6 years in multi-disciplinary teams on projects ranging from e-commerce price aggregators to travel tech OBT’s, Jared has found himself obsessed with the user experience. Living up the the name globe trotter, he has travelled and worked all around the world and is able to sympathise with the needs of even the end client as he finds himself in this position a lot. With his wealth of experience, Jared is excited to be a part of the Travelogic team stating that “with a great team and a soon to be great product, it’s my ideal working environment”.

With approximately 12 years of experience in the customer service and support sector, Fabian Salie brings a no-nonsense approach to quality and customer service. Having spent this much time servicing clients as well as a lifetime of being on the receiving end of both good and bad customer service, his hands-on approach aims to ensure that the client is kept in mind every step of the way. In his spare time, Fabian enjoys building and restoring items of all shapes and sizes; his latest projects include custom arcade machine cabinets and a classic 1980 Mini Leyland.  Fabian believes the same methodical, practical and creative approach that is used in building, should be used in business processes and practices.


Focussing on our clients’ needs are key and these new members of the Travelogic team are a testament to the new direction we are taking. We look forward to getting to know our clients even more and giving you insight behind the scenes.